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Experience a Shared Catered Chalet

21 October 2016

Booking into a shared chalet can be a great way to experience a catered chalet holiday especially if you are single, a couple of just a smaller group it is the ideal solution.

The great thing about staying in a mixed chalet is that you are able to meet like minding people who all have one thing in common, their love of the annual ski holiday! Most chalets offer en-suite bedroom facilities so everyone has the privacy of their own accommodation but the evenings in particular is the time that everyone comes together to relax and enjoy the unique hospitality that catered chalets offer.

A very traditional part of the chalet holiday is afternoon tea, so when guests return from a day on the slopes they can enjoy a welcome slice of home baked cake along with a cup of warming tea. This is often the time guests come together and swap stories about their day out, where the best conditions were that day and who covered the longest distance that day!

Pre-dinner drinks and canapes served in front of the fire is a very sociable time in a catered chalet. Imagine enjoying a glass of our selected wine or some fizz accompanied by some tasty canapes and getting together with a group of newly found friends. Dinner is always a very social occasion, with guests eating together around one table and enjoying the chalet atmosphere, with fine food and wines to match.

Often guests in a shared chalet will choose to join each other for a day on the slopes or meet for apr├Ęs ski, it really is a great way to meet people and at Ski Cuisine lifelong friendships have been forged during a chalet holiday! Some guests that make up smaller groups will often return with the same people they met the previous year!

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