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Life on the slopes: How to find jobs in Meribel

03 September 2015

We couldn’t ask for a better place to live and work than in Meribel. With beautiful views, pretty surroundings and a friendly community around us we certainly enjoy our time here. 

Some visitors find it strange to think that people live and work in Meribel all year round. As you can imagine it’s vastly different here in the summer, the pace of the resort steadily slows and hikers & mountain bikers conquer the once snowy peaks.  

Have you ever thought about heading out to the Alps for a season, or maybe moving here permanently? If one week skiing a year simply isn’t enough (it certainly isn’t for us), you could consider living and finding a job in Meribel. 


Jobs in Meribel

Working a season in Meribel can certainly be hard work, most people choose to work in chalets or take a job in a bar in the evenings and there are plenty of jobs in shops, restaurants and local cafes too. We start recruiting for our seasonal staff in May to work as chalet host and chef jobs in Meribel and the feedback we receive is always positive with many keen to come back year after year. Websites like Merinet have dedicated resources to help people find seasonal work and offer some great advice. 

Seasonal staff work hard to play hard, grabbing any chance they can to head out to the slopes and make the most of the great apres ski, but what about year-round residents? 

We are rushed off our feet during the winter months and subsequently like to take the summer a little slower. When the weather warms up across the 3 Valleys businesses come alive once again for summer visitors and labourers set about renovating and improving ski chalets for next season. 

Meribel functions like any other French village, with year round residents, some that work during the summer as well as the winter. For example most ski instructors also have another trade such as working as carpenters and builders or working for the lift company who are continually working to improve the lift system during the summer months. The village schools provide the children of the valley with great education and the out door life is certainly enjoyed by the local families both in summer and winter.


Tips for seasonaires


Be prepared

If you’re spending any significant amount of time working abroad you will need to have all the correct paper work to satistfy the local authorities but most chalet companies or local businesses will advise you about this when applying for jobs.

It’s likely that you’ll need a mobile phone during your stay. You can buy pay as you go Phones and SIM cards at the Post Office in Meribel or in one of the other towns such as Moutiers or Albertville.


Speak the language

There are many other nationalities living and working in Meribel and while the majority of locals speak English it’s always greatly appreciated if you try to speak French. There are some private tutors who offer lessons during the season so take the opportunity to learn and practise whilst living in France!


Save money where you can

It can be quite expensive to live in any resort in the alps, however, once you spend a significant amount of time at the resort you get to know where to find the best seasonaire deals. 

It is always a good idea to bring ski/board clothing from the UK rather than purchase in the resorts, but there are often great sales at the end of the season if you are considering buying kit for the next season or future holiday.

Bring a small ‘first-aid kit’ and home comforts with you, medicine tends to be more expensive at French pharmacies and you’re unlikely to find a bottle of HP or jar of Branston Pickle for less than 4 euros! 


Make the most out of the slopes

Ski Schools offer discounted classes for seasonaires, sometimes even offering them for free. Keep this in mind before spending your hard-earned money on lessons!

If you’re trying to beat the ski lift queues, try joining the single lines, you’ll fill the spaces left by odd-numbered groups and get to the mountains quicker. 


If you would like more information on working for Ski Cuisine or our chalet availability please take a look around our website or contact us.