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Your guide to ski gear online and ski rental in Meribel

02 October 2015

Buying ski gear in advance 

In the same way that fashion evolves season-to-season, ski wear also gets an update, becoming more sophisticated than the previous winter. You won’t catch skiers in the heavy wool outfits common in the 1930’s or even the bright nylon shell-suits once popular on the slopes. We recommend ordering basic ski gear online before you arrive, layers are the key to comfortable skiing and its important to be kitted out with a thermal base layer, insulating mid layer and waterproof ski trousers and jacket. 

When it comes to your boots, skis and helmet there are plenty of ski rental stores in Meribel for you to choose from and most offer a range of equipment depending on your usage and skill level. 

Ski equipment has evolved at a fast pace and to stand out in today’s alpine ski market it takes imagination and ingenuity. New materials like grapheme and basalt are becoming commonplace in the mountains and skis are constantly being re-designed and re-shaped to make skiing easier and more fun. 

While skis may be too expensive, finding a comfy pair of ski boots can transform your skiing and be cost effective. The ideal boots combine mobility on the slopes with a decent hiking range of motion. Look for a lightweight shell with a comfortable liner to ensure you won’t feel as if you’re dragging your feet all day.

Clothing undergoes the same treatment, last season Gore-Tex Pro was the ultimate in wearable equipment. Many high-quality brands will offer great deals on last year’s gear but make sure you start buying before the season begins to get the best discounts. Well-known brands offer ‘web specials’ at the end of each season and throughout the summer, you can purchase last season’s jackets and trousers at a discounted rate. 

However, beware of fake items! As with any expensive item of clothing, brands such as Montcher fall victim to copycat retailers claiming to sell their products at a massive discount. You’re better off buying a quality, mid-range jacket rather than risking your skiwear falling apart.

Alongside clothing and equipment there are a few extras to consider, if you are skiing off-piste an avalanche airbag is recommended. Carrying an avalanche airbag was once a nuisance but many companies now incorporate these into normal backpacks, allowing you the safety of an airbag with the flexibility of using any ski pack you want.

GoPros are a great addition to any holiday, capturing ski triumphs (and fails) while you’re on the move. There has been some debate over the safety of helmet mounts meaning that a pack cam mount may be your best option. 

Hiring ski equipment in Meribel

Pre-booking Meribel ski equipment rental in advance is always advised. We are familiar with the rental market in Meribel and have great connections with local shops meaning renting your ski equipment is easy! You can receive discount on your entire ski rental when you pre-book. Our recommended providers offer a range of quality ski, snowboard, cross country and ski touring equipment, as well as an extensive children's ski range. Your ski equipment along with your ski passes will be at your chalet when you arrive, to find out more information take a look at our recommended providers to arrange your hire. 

Buying ski wear and equipment in Meribel

Meribel has plenty of skiwear shops for you to choose from with experienced sales assistants who should be able to help you with your purchase. Our staff are knowledgable about the best places to shop in Meribel and can give you advice on where to find the best deals in the village!

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