Your role as chef is to organise the smooth running of your chalet kitchen and to serve exceptional dishes with emphasis on fresh produce and excellent presentation. All our chefs have a flair for their chosen career and are passionate about cooking. You will work along side a chalet host who is mainly responsible for housekeeping and hosting duties. However, your roles will overlap and you will need to work as a team so that you run your chalet to the very best of your ability and ensure that your guests are comfortable and enjoying the high standard of cuisine and personal service for which Ski Cuisine is renowned. Our aim is to exceed our guests expectations and ensure they have the very best holiday experience.

Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Menu planning, shopping, ordering and stock control.

  2. Ensuring the kitchen is kept clean at all times, paying special attention to kitchen hygiene.

  3. Meals that are provided by the chef are as follows-

    • Breakfast- a choice of continental & cooked breakfast to order.

    • Afternoon Tea- homemade cakes & biscuits + healthy snack bars for the guests to take skiing.

    • Selection of home made Canapés, served with pre dinner drinks.

    • Dinner- a three course fine dining menu, well balanced with the emphasis on fresh ingredients. A cheese board selection, coffee with chocolates/home made petit fours to follow.

  4. Special dietary requirements eg. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten free diets and children meals will need to be catered for.

  5. Working within a generous but precise budget, submitting weekly chalet accounts to the Resort Manager.

  6. Submitting weekly menu plans and writing up the daily menu board to present to guests each morning at breakfast time.

  7. Hosting the guests when appropriate. Serving meals and assisting the chalet host when required such as helping with changeover day duties and laying afternoon tea. General chalet duties may include: snow clearing, chopping wood, keeping outdoor areas clean and tidy, assisting with the hot tub & daily maintenance etc.

  8. Ensuring a warm welcome to your guests on arrival, discuss dietary requests and proposed menus directly with the guests.

  9. Liaising with the Resort Manager on a regular basis to discuss guest requirements & details.

  10. Impeccable presentation and a professional but friendly demeanour is expected at all times.


Job package:

Approximate dates of employment are early December to the end of April.

All applicants must hold:


To apply: Please contact Karen Journoud and forward your CV, a cover letter and a recent photo.

All applicants must send a 6 day menu plan to include: Cooked breakfast options, afternoon tea, 6 day children's supper menu, canapés and a 6 day three course dinner menu with vegetarian options and gluten free examples.