Meribel Snow Report: Ski Season 2013/2014

19 May 2014

After the previous fantastic 2012 and 2013 winter ski season in Meribel, the question everybody was asking was ‘What will this ski season be like, and can it be as good?’. It seemed unlikely that we were going to get such good snow conditions in Meribel as the previous seasons.

However our worries soon disappeared, as this ski season turned out to be one of the best Meribel and the Three Valleys had experience in years! Here is our Meribel snow report for 2013/14 ski season.

Start of the Meribel ski season

November saw a significant fall of snow in Meribel, which set up the resort with a good base. We had weeks of beautiful sunshine but cold temperatures, which was a great start to the Meribel ski season and off piste skiers were able to enjoy great conditions. Some were concerned that after such a great start that the snow would not return, but how very wrong they turned out to be.

Christmas and New Year in Meribel

Christmas and New Year in Meribel saw bright sunny weather and relatively mild temperatures, which turned out to be an advantage for the family holidays, where many children have ski lessons. By the second week of January winter conditions arrived with regular snow falls. The temperatures were not too cold, which meant perfect skiing conditions could be enjoyed.


February School Holidays


The school holidays in February saw fantastic conditions with great snow on the pistes, combined with sunny days and great temperatures which was perfect for enjoying the slopes. Unlike previous seasons, we didn’t experience freezing temperatures, which can make being on the slopes all day too cold and uncomfortable.

End of the Meribel ski season

On reflection it is clear to see that Meribel and the Three Valleys experienced one of the best ski seasons in years. Regular snow falls and plenty of sunshine meant fabulous near-perfect conditions, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful Three Valleys area.

If you want to experience all that Meribel has to offer for the 2014/2015 ski season, then take a look at our catered chalets for availability. We hope to see you then!

Enjoy the snow & book your holiday now!