Seasonal Work in Meribel

20 June 2017

It’s getting to that time of year (no, not Summer)! when some of us start making plans to leave our homes for the Winter months to avoid the dreaded cold and wet seasons.

There are sunshine chasers whose idea of paradise is sitting on the beach with an ice cold drink and a dip in the ocean but for those of us that like to keep a separation between Summer and Winter you may be thinking that your one week ski trip just didn’t cut it this year.

If you’re dreaming of waist deep powder and far reaching views that have to be seen to be believed, then seasonal work in Meribel might be just what you need.

Think you have what it takes? Take a look at some of Ski Cuisines vacancies here


1. It’s on the bucket list for a reason, tick it!

It’s a big decision, think about it and weigh up your options. Once you’ve made a decision it’s time to research, research, research!

Seasonal Recruitment at Ski Cuisine in Meribel usually starts around May and there are various resources out there to help you on your way like this one on the Merinet website.This is a great free resource with loads of great info, tips and tricks for finding work & living in a ski resort.

The majority of saisonniere in Meribel will either work cafes in the daytime and/or bars during the evenings or work in guest chalets as chefs, chalet hosts or au pairs. Although the work is hard and it’s not exactly the cheapest resort to live in, you will soon find your feet and be well versed in the best places to eat and drink and at what times in order to save yourself some much-needed cash. In our experience, it’s all about planning and a little bit of trial and error.


2. Become a qualified instructor

If you want to become a ski or snowboard instructor, then a good place to start is the Base Camp Group website as there is a lot to think about before setting out on your journey to becoming a qualified instructor.

It can be more costly than you might think. Snowboard instructor courses with Base Camp in Meribel start from £1,950, so you will need to start saving now if you haven’t already.

All coaching is provided by BASI qualified instructors and includes focus on technique and theory and ends with an exam. Most courses also include chalet accommodation, breakfast and dinner and the expertise of some of the most highly regarded instructors.


3. Work hard to play hard - These are the rules, should you chose to accept them!

The general rule of thumb is work hard to play even harder. Time away from work is usually spent on the slopes or in the bars enjoying the fabulous apres ski activities with friends and other travelers.


Meribel has something for every level of skiing skill, whether you are newbie and need to stick to the training slopes or if you’re a ski/snowboard expert and want to carve up Elements Park (Previously Moon Park) freestyle stylie! You certainly shouldn’t be short of exciting things to do and see.

Here’s a few tips we’ve picked up over the years we’ve been in Meribel.

  • Learn the language (and make an effort) This is the same with travel to anywhere with a language you don’’t speak, learning a little bit of the language will get you a long way with the locals.
  • Save, Save, Save! Living in resort is expensive and you will need to be prudent with your disposable cash. One thing sure to save you money is bringing your own ski/snowboard equipment.
  • Find out where the saisonnieres drink - discounts are available when you produce your saisonniere pass, so going out becomes more affordable.
  • Make the most of your time - discounts are available for seasonaires from many ski schools and if you’re lucky you may even be able to grab some free ski lessons. Keep that in mind before parting with your hard earned cash.

The first step to achieving anything is thinking about it and you’ve made it that first step. Whether you decide that this is the year or not, you will get that big tick off your bucket list one day and when that day comes, get in touch.

Think you have what it takes? Take a look at some of Ski Cuisines vacancies here