Summer in Meribel

15 May 2017

Meribel may be best known for its alpine ski and snowboarding holidays, but it has just as much to offer during those hot, summer months too. Whether you are a thrill seeker or looking for something a little more relaxing, a family, group or individual, there is something to suit everyone.  Meribel in summer is great value when compared to winter, and with the hot and bright weather, it becomes a totally different experience. Meribel is a summer mountain holiday not to be missed!


For a more relaxed approach

For a more relaxed approach to a mountain holiday, Meribel in the summer makes sure it caters for everyone.



One of the activities of the summer season, Meribel boasts a great 18-hole golf course, technically challenging but with Meribel’s amazing views, it definitely should be part of  your to-do list if you’re a keen golfer, and we find it a great way to relax. Even better, because of the altitude, the ball flies further, giving a definite difference to your normal golfing game. There is also an excellent driving range for those that want to practise or take lessons with a qualified golf pro.

For keen golfers, the Drive des Goumets Golf Competition is Meribels most prestigious golf competition, taking place every year. This three-day event is great for those who not only love to play golf (like us!), but love to watch it too.


Walking and hiking

Whether it be a simple mountain stroll or a much longer hike, you will be sure to enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery Meribel has to offer. We love that the diverse range of trails means you’ll never be going the same way twice. Meribel is part of the Vanoise National Park, where there is plenty of amazing wildlife to spot, including ibex, chamois, birds, eagles and marmots. The national park has a diverse wildlife and a rich history, with evidence that suggests that it was once inhabited by humans during the Neolithic era. For a great day out, how about walking to a mountain refuge. This can become a great adventure, and some also offer a rustic lunch, often serving home made cheeses, cured meats and local speciailites. A perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture. For more hard-core walkers, some also offer overnight stays, so you can keep walking for as long as you want!


Aero Club

Meribel has an active Aero Club, which has loads for you to do. Interested in flying? Then flying lessons are available if you, like us, want to begin learning how to fly! If you happen to already hold a flying license, then it's a great idea to hire a plane and see the beautiful scenery for yourself. If you don't yet hold a pilot's license, but still want to appreciate all that Meribel has to offer then Flying tours are also available, where you could be flying over the magical Three Valleys or over the towering Mont Blanc. 

Taking place in July is the exciting and exhilarating Meribel Air Show, a popular event in the Meribel calendar, where pilots promise to showcase dare-devil stunts. On the ground there will be 40 aircraft to come and look at, including modern planes, microlights and helicopters. There will be children's workshops to make kites and gliders as well as astronomy workshops and tourist flights which you can pay to go on. An event that promises to be very special indeed. 


Hot Air Ballooning

If paragliding isn't for you, but you still want to appreciate the beautiful Meribel scenery from above, then hot air ballooning is definitely something to try.  Suspended hundreds of meters above the ground, the wind will dictate which direction you go, so you’ll never be quite sure where you’re going. We love the striking scenery and the excitment of possibly seeing some of Meribel's extensive wildlife, it’s definitely a great activity to try.


Helicopter tours

If the hot air ballooning got you wanting more, then we think that trying one of the helicopter tours is an excellent idea. Going even higher than the hot air balloon, you will see a much more extensive range of Meribel, flying over the diverse mountains and forests.


For the thrill seekers

Meribel has so much to offer for those who want to do something a little bit different, that, like us, you'll always be left wanting more. 


White water rafting

White water rafting is something we love because we can go with a large group of friends. You’ll be 'rapidly' going down the river in an inflatable raft with a qualified instructor, surfing the waves and experiencing the full thrill of white water rafting. Catering for all levels, it's great for families and thrill seekers alike. Most likely you’ll be going down the picturesque river Isère, not far from Meribel, where, during summer, the river reaches its peak creating the ultimate conditions for rafting, and believe us when we say it makes all the difference!  With some of the most remarkable rapids of the region, the river Isère is one of the best places for this exhilarating experience. 


Canoe Rafting

If you loved white water rafting then we know you'll love canoe rafting. Rather than in a group, this time it will just be you and a partner, which we know makes a much more adrenaline fuelled adventure. Riding the rapids down the river you’ll be with a qualified instructor, creating a truly remarkable experience.



Loved rafting but want to try an even greater thrill? Armed with just a hydrospeed board and a pair of fins you'll be experiencing everything the river could possibly throw at you. One of our favourite summer activities, you'll be embarking on a truly unforgettable journey. 



If a more hands-on approach is what you’re looking for, then we know that canyoning is for you. Abseiling down waterfalls, riding the rapids and jumping into pools, we can promise that you will be sure to have an extraordinary experience you’ll never forget. All you need to know is how to swim!

Mountain Biking

Imagine the rush of cycling down the slope that only six months earlier you were skiing down. Is that red run now a black or a blue, with wheels underneath you rather than skis? If mountain biking is something you’re passionate about or just something you’re interested in trying, then biking in Meribel will be a truly unique activity. Accredited with the French Federation of Cycling since 1998, Meribel offers nearly 100km of trails. With the ski lifts still working and with the addition of specially adapted hooks and racks, bikers have the perfect way to access the best alpine terrain.  With the beautiful Meribel Three Valleys surrounding you, you will be encountering the very best mountain biking has to offer. 

For those who just like to watch, the French Mountain Bike Cup is held in the Three Valleys toward the end of July, bringing together the best French mountain bikers for what promises to be an amazing event.



Want to fully appreciate the beautiful views Meribel has to offer, or just want to do something different, then paragliding is a must. Gliding from the tops of the mountains on a tandem paraglider, you will be shown some of the best views you could possibly imagine.  If like us, you think that taking off may be simple, it is definitely not without fear! You simply run down the mountain until you start to fly, which can seem scary, but you then get to appreciate all that Meribel has to offer. Easy!


Via Ferrata

For a very different experience, then Via Ferrata might be something you’d like to try. Definitely something we enjoy, it is a more accessible form of mountain climbing, where you will follow marked paths as you scale along the mountains. With the aid of bridges, ladders and steps, you will travel along the mountains in a very distinct way to what you would have experienced before. We feel that it's a great starting point if you want to try mountain climbing, but don't quite feel ready.


Glacier walking

If you’re passionate about walking and hiking but are looking for something a little different, then glacier walking is definitely for you. Hiking around one of the glaciers in the Three Valleys will offer you some of the most breathtakingly stunning views that you could imagine. Believe us when we say we aren't exaggerating, the views really are that amazing.  With varying difficulty levels, you will be sure to find something that suits you perfectly.



Meribel has so much to do that you'll be spoilt for choice. During the summer the Olympic Centre is open, where there is a range of different activities, including a swimming pool, ice skating rink, climbing wall and ten pin bowling. If like us, you're looking for something a little bit more relaxing, then the Spa is also open throughout the summer where you can try a range of amazing relaxing treatments. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as Segways and high ropes courses in the woods.

So what are you waiting for?

Meribel has such an extensive range of summer activities that you'll never be left without anything to do. It has something for everyone and with the hot summer weather and beautiful scenery, summer in the Alps is an experience not to be missed. 


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